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Maldives Liveaboard Holidays and Diving Holidays. Maldives Dive provides Diving and Live Aboard Holidays in Maldives Islands. We operate Diving Tours onboard luxury Cruise Vessels. Dive in Maldives onboard Luxury Cruise Vessels.
Maldives Dive provides Diving and Liveabaord Holidays in Maldives Islands. We operate Diving Tours onboard luxury Cruise Vessels. Dive in Maldives onboard Luxury Cruise Vessels.
Maldives Diving and Cruise Holidays. Cruise Holiday Tours in Maldives.
Diving Holidays and Vacation in Maldives. Dive onboard luxury Cruise vessels in Maldives.
April 15, 2006
April 16, 2006
Manthiri Surf Cruise Schedule for the months of May, June and July 2006

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Maldives Diving Holidays - Maldives Live Aboard Holidays - Maldives Scuba Diving Vacations.
Why divers select Maldives ? Each and every diver arrives here are telling the same story "The Maldives Islands are the Paradise for the divers". Maldives is counted as one of the greatest diving locations in the world with all ideal elements. The lonely undisturbed islands, flourishing coral reef and crystal clear warm water plus wide variety of marine life, sparkling reefs surrounded by abundance of variety of fishes, all with beautiful patterns and marvelous colours.

The Underwater of Maldives is having one of the world's richest coral areas, comparable only with the Philippines and Australia 's Great Barrier Reef . There are more than 200 different species of hard coral alone, but it is the shapes that they form which make them so amazing, caverns, fans, shafts, canyons and boulders.

In the clear, sunlit water they form a kaleidoscope of colour enhanced by myriad fish moving in and out of the nooks and crannies of the reef. So beautiful is this underwater world that at first it's difficult to know where to look. Many Scuba divers are inclined to drift or flip from patch to patch on the reef, looking forever more breathtaking shapes and colours. If you want to unravel the reef's secrets, however, you should remain in one place. Traveling fast over the reef is like "flying over the Amazon forest instead of walking through it".

So Liveaboard Cruise Vessels in Maldives are the ideal way to experience and witness the beauty of Underwater and explore hundreds of uninhabited Islands across Maldives. You may select one of the hand picked Liveaboard Cruises in Maldives by our team for your next Scuba Diving and Island Exploration Holiday in Maldives. These Liveaboard Cruise vessels are periodically reviewed and visited by our experienced local Scuba Diving expert team hence the service quality is guaranteed by us. Click here to read more about us.....


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Maldives - The Diving Destination
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Good reasons to select Maldives for your Diving Holiday
Good reasons to select Maldives as your Diving Holiday destination.
One of the world's richest Coral areas - Fine fleet of Live Aboard
Rich and Colourful Marine Life - excellent Diving facilities
Plenty of Dive sites -
So many other holiday activities such as Surfing, Honeymoons etc.

....... World class fleet of Luxury Liveaboard Vessels in Maldives for Scuba Diving and Cruise Expeditions .......
Liveaboard Fathima Maldives
Liveaboard Gaavia Maldives
Liveaboard Isis Maldives
Liveaboard Island Safari Maldives
Liveaboard Kiris Maldives
Liveaboard Nautilus Maldives
Liveaboard Sting Ray Maldives
Liveaboard Sharifa Maldives
Liveaboard Four Seasons Island Explorer
Liveaboard Umeedhu 5 Maldives
Scuba Diving Holidays in Maldives - Maldives Dive Holidays - Luxury Cruise Live Abaord Vacations in Maldives.
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